About Dilasa Care Centre

“Dilasa Pratishtan” is taking care of old persons, those who declared that they can no anymore look after patients who are bedridden. We may find many patients around us but here are the people who were rejected by “their own” kith and kin. The result is that such men and women in old age, terminally ill patients, are left lonely. Although they are ready to face bad times their body and finance cripple them. “dilasaca_dilasa_new” is the other name to take care of these abandoned souls…taking care with affection, treating old ones like their own parents, providing timely food, and providing a homely atmosphere.

“Dilasa” Centre is capable of taking care of Paralysis, Bed sours, Coma, fractures, Cerebral Palsy, Psychics, addicts and so on. Here atmosphere is kept homely, with utmost cleanliness and by pleasing faces. Right from giving morning bath, providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea etc.., providing timely medicines, regular checkups, music for entertainment, games, books for reading are all provided ensuring that inmates don’t feel lonely so that it is real relief for them i.e “Dilasa”.

Specialty of “Dilasa”

  • Long term stay for bedridden or terminally ill patients
  • Fresh and airy atmosphere
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Food as per personal needs of inmates
  • Well trained Nursing staff
  • Regular visits by specialist doctors
  • During Emergency availability of treatment by specialized Doctors, instruments
  • 24 hrs availability of Ambulance
  • Facility available of the portable X-Ray machine
  • Physiotherapy, massage as per requirement
  • Birthday of all patients, oldies celebrated with zeal in a homely atmosphere.


Aug 15, 2018

Ramesh & Sharada Agarwal Foundation Gives Inspiration To Freedom Fighters

we celebrate independence day with dilasaca_dilasa_new Care Center (Old Age) its feel greatfull to perform for socialcause. We had some owsome memories along with these youngsters. thankyou.

The group is a collective responsibility
Aug 06, 2018

The group is a collective responsibility of everyone's personal responsibility. And for the last several years Satish Sir and his Sangh have fulfilled this responsibility smoothly. Today, the Conservatory Care Center is not just a home-care center but a family. All festivals are celebrated and celebrated with enthusiasm here.

Best old age home in nashik
Aug 06, 2018

Best old age home in nashik

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's work is inspiring work
Aug 06, 2018

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's work is inspiring work - Rahuri Krishi Tapasya Pvt. Rendering spirit