About Dilasa Care Centre

“Dilasa Pratishtan” is taking care of old persons, whose families showed no more interest to take care, those who declared that they cannot anymore look after patients who are bed ridden. We may find many patients around us but here are the people who were rejected by “their own” kith and kin. Result is that such men and women in old age, terminally ill patients, are left lonely. Although they are ready to face bad times their body and finance cripple them. “Dilasa” is the other name to take care of these abandoned souls…taking care with affection, treating old ones like their own parents, providing timely food and providing homely atmosphere.

“ Dilasa” Centre is capable of taking care of Paralysis, Bed sours, Coma, fractures, Cerebral Palsy, Psychics, addicts and so on. Here atmosphere is kept homely, with utmost cleanliness and by pleasing faces. Right from giving morning bath, providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea etc.., providing timely medicines, regular checkups, music for entertainment, games, books for reading are all provided ensuring that inmates don’t feel lonely so that it is real relief for them i.e “Dilasa”.

Our Services

Independent Living

Hassel Free stay at Dilasa, Home away from Home, Don’t have to Bother about Rent, Electricity, Laundry, Housekeeping, Doctor, Nursing, Care Giver. Give all your worries to Dilasa Staff and Life is peaceful at Dilasa Care Centre.
Our assisted living services offer active seniors a home-like environment in Nashik while providing personalized care and assistance with normal daily activities. We offer supportive around-the-clock care in a cozy atmosphere, allowing our residents to thrive physically, socially and emotionally.
We offers very unique service for seniors, after surgery in seniors, they need special attendence in dressing, Physiotherapy, Care helps in bathing, Eating and daily activity of living, Dilasa offers uniques three months package for recovery for post operative care.
Many time seniors would like to come and stay with Dilasa but requires the services at Home and Dilasa is Spreading its wings to provide such care at Home. We provide well trained, caring, trustworthy staff at home. With 100 % Attendance.

Other Services

We provide following medical services to patients as per their need.


Aug 15, 2018

We Celebrate Independence Day with Dilasa Care Center

we celebrate independence day with Dilasa Care Center (Old Age) its feel greatfull to perform for socialcause. We had some owsome memories along with these youngsters. thankyou.

Old Age is the Crown of LIFE, Our Play's Last ACT.
Aug 06, 2018

Old age is the crown of LIFE, our play's last ACT...

The motive of Dilasa is to bring smile on faces of people.
July 16, 2018

The motive of Dilasa is to bring smile on faces of people...

"Dilasa Care Center", serving and co-ordinating the needy...
July 09, 2018

"Dilasa Care Center", serving and coordinating...